January 09, 2009


Maya came to Lebanon seven months ago, hoping to start a new life far from Mosul in her homeland of Iraq. Her three children, Paul (8), Peter (6), and Lamia (2) are slowly coping with their new lives, but the journey is harder without their father who was assassinated in Mosul seven months ago.

When Heart for Lebanon, a ministry supported by Joyce Meyer Ministries, visited Maya and her children, the HFL staffers were speechless in front of the sufferings the family is going through. They felt they wanted to do more for this family. So, a week later, they announced to Maya that they wanted to take her and the children out for lunch. “How did you know?” she asked. “It’s Paul’s birthday today. He has been crying all night, thinking about his birthday last year, remembering how he celebrated with his dad, and not expecting anything nice for this year.” Yet, God surprised him with a nice birthday celebration which brought a big smile to his face and showed him that He cares!

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