February 25, 2009


“I was very upset and angry. I had invested all my money into a business with a friend but he stole it all and there was no way for me to get any of it back. I hated him and wanted to kill him. I had another friend who had a gun, so I went to his house and asked him if I could borrow it. He looked at me curiously and said he was watching a program on television and we would talk when it was over. I sat there with him and watched the program. The lady on the program was speaking about forgiveness and I could not ignore what she was saying. After the program, my friend asked me to go home, think more about my situation and come back to his house the next day to talk about it more. When I got home I could not stop thinking about the words that lady was speaking. When I got home, my wife, three children and I watched the rerun of the program. When it was over my entire family got down on our knees and gave our hearts to Jesus. I was scared of bankruptcy, poverty, and Joyce's teaching gave me hope. We watch her programs ever since. I am delivered from the spirit of fear and have learned how to trust God. Joyce's beautiful way of teaching saved my soul and my families souls and also our lives. If it was not because of her program, I would have been a murderer and in a corner of a dark and cold cell right now and God knows what would have happened to my family."

Above is one of many testimonies we recently received from Iran. Thanks to the friends and partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries, this man who had lost all hope was able to hear about God’s love and forgiveness, through the Enjoying Everyday Life broadcast.

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February 17, 2009

Lamu Island Outreach

Shelly Meyer

Joyce Meyer Ministries is supporting a feeding program for children on Lamu Island off the southeast coast of Kenya. The children who are fed through this program are from the Orma tribe of northern Kenya. They have been forced to flee from their homes with their families due to tribal conflicts. They arrive on Lamu Island with nothing and are having a hard time just surviving. Steve and Jennifer Thuku, missionaries from Nairobi Lighthouse Church, are working to reach out to them in many ways. They are providing a nursery school where they are taught school lessons and most importantly, they are taught about Jesus. JMM is feeding over 250 children each day through this project.

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February 12, 2009


In response to the wildfires in Australia, Joyce Meyer Ministries gave immediate financial support to Whittlesea Assembly of God to assist in their efforts to aid the families displaced by this tragedy. Over 180 lives have been lost, millions of animals killed and many homes have been destroyed thus far. Whittlesea AOG has been on the front lines during this catastrophe and has reached out to help the many families whose lives have been shaken. 


“You cannot know how much of a blessing this is to us. It allows us to buy items like generators, new water pumps, as well as vouchers, etc. Thank you Joyce Meyer Ministries for your wonderful support,” says Pastor Shane Lepp of Whittlesea AOG. 


And thank you, partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Because of your faithful support, JMM is able to quickly respond to these needs and help as many hurting people as we possibly can. Please continue to pray for the families that were affected by this disaster.

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February 10, 2009


I study in Hong Middle School. I belong to the Zang or Tibetan people. Two Christian brothers led me to Jesus. They were missionaries supported by Joyce Meyer Ministries. Jesus is very different from the god I used to believe. For years I believed in Buddha. I was not able to pray directly to Buddha. I had to ask the people in charge of the temple to pray for me. The brothers introduced me to Jesus and now I can talk to Him directly, and do not have to ask someone else to pray for me. They told me a lot of things about Jesus and helped me to believe in Him. This is really wonderful. As soon as I believed in the Lord, I changed my religion. My family was opposed to this, and my people abused me, but I was completely changed by this God. I now know that Jesus is the one and only true God. Please continue to pray for me, so that I can have the strength to talk to them about Jesus, so my family and my people will change. I do not want them to go to hell.

Thank you! 

For more information, visit Hand of Hope.