January 19, 2009


John Pipes

Senior Producer JMM

What always amazes me is how there are Christ followers all around the world who love to worship Jesus. Here we are half way around the globe from my home in St. Louis, and we are experiencing amazing praise and worship to the one true God with our family here in Bangalore. Hillsong and Delirious? have led the people to understand that our God is a big God, and that He is worthy to be worshiped and praised! The Christians here have been praying for months for people to become new believers at the Festival of Life event, and that is happening every night as a sea of hands respond to the opportunity to receive Christ’s forgiveness. Joyce and Tommy Barnett shared Saturday night about not missing an opportunity to know true contentment in life, and as far as I could see on our camera shots, hands were raised by people who wanted to know the love of Jesus. It is a humbling experience to be part of an event like this, realizing how awesome the Lord is as lives are changed forever.

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