January 27, 2010

Helping Haiti

Love A Child Update

The team of doctors and medical supplies sent by Joyce Meyer Ministries to Love A Child are already making a profound difference in the lives of injured Haitians. In the above picture, medical staff at Love A Child’s Jesus Healing Center took an x-ray of a patient’s arm to determine if any additional treatment was necessary. The doctors and staff are very impressed with the new equipment and said, “These x-rays are fantastic; you couldn’t get any better from U.S. radiology.” Over 35 x-rays have already been performed with the newly donated x-ray equipment.

Sherry Burnette, co-founder of Love A Child shares, “We are so thankful for the x-ray equipment donated by Joyce Meyer Ministries – Hand of Hope. It is such a blessing. Thank you for helping our doctors better serve the people of Haiti.”

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January 22, 2010

Haiti Update: Upon Their Arrival

Ashley Wilkins, R.N.
Medical Outreach Coordinator - Hand of Hope

Our team of doctors immediately started treating patients as soon as they arrived to their destinations. Three orthopedic surgeons stayed in the Dominican Republic to perform much needed orthopedic procedures on injured earthquake victims transported from Haiti. The emergency room physician left the Dominican Republic and went to the Love A Child facilities in Haiti, bringing along medical supplies and the desperately needed portable x-ray machine.

Upon his arrival at Love A Child, he immediatley started to attend to the needs of the wounded. Helping everyone that was in need and assessing those who would need specialized orthopedic procedures. Those he prepared for transportation and placed in a truck to drive them to the Dominican Republic for the 3 ortohopedic surgeons we had staffed there to treat them. Pick-up trucks were prepared as best they could with blankets for cushions and tarps to protect the injured from the bright sun during the trip. It's not the most conventional way to transport injured victims, but in these conditions it certainly is effective. God keeps providing miracles and creative ways to take care of His people. Keep praying for Haiti.

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January 20, 2010

Helping the People of Haiti

David L. Meyer – CEO Hand of Hope

From the moment we first heard of the tremendous devastation caused by the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti on January 12, we immediately starting making plans to assist in any way we could. We’ve been in constant contact with our friends and partners, Bobby and Sherry Burnette, founders of Love A Child in Haiti. Joyce Meyer Ministries has been partnering with Love A Child by providing support for their feeding programs as well as support for a medical clinic in Fond Parisien, the Jesus Healing Center. This clinic has been a haven to the injured, open 24/7 since the earthquake hit and is in great need of medical supplies and surgeons.

We’ve been able to send three orthopedic surgeons, one emergency room physician and 904 pounds of medical supplies, including a desperately needed portable x-ray machine, to the Dominican Republic. The three orthopedic surgeons have already begun performing surgeries at a hospital in the Dominican Republic, near the Haiti border. Medical supplies and the portable x-ray machine have been sent to the Jesus Healing Center and the emergency room physician is treating patients there and referring those who need surgery to the hospital in the Dominican Republic. Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti.

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January 18, 2010

Justice for the Widow

David L. Meyer – CEO Hand of Hope

We have been working for over 3 years in some pretty remote villages in Egypt. Today I was blessed to visit the success side of those years of investment. Three years ago, during my first visit, I was introduced to an elderly widow. She basically had very little. She slept on the floor and in the same room as her cow and chickens. She had no running water or electricity. Today, it’s a different story. She now lives in a proper home with the things she needs. Thank God for His care and thank you partners for helping to make this possible!

Deut. 10:18 “He executes justice for the orphan and the widow..."

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January 14, 2010

Broken Heart in Beruit

David L. Meyer – CEO Hand of Hope

Today in East Beruit we met Souheila, on the left in the above picture. Two months ago she fled Iraq after her 19 year old daughter was kidnapped and her husband killed. All of this occurred because they were Christians. There was no other reason. She has 2 young children who are afraid to go to school due to the trauma they experienced. The good news is we are helping them in a variety of practical ways, providing them with food, heaters, mattresses & counseling. God has a way of picking up the pieces and restoring lives. Please pray for her.

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January 12, 2010

Help for Iraqi Refugees

David L. Meyer – CEO Hand of Hope

We just finished meeting with Iraqi refugees. These people fled the war in Iraq and arrived here in Lebanon. We at Joyce Meyer Ministries partner with Heart for Lebanon, a ministry that’s doing a great work here, to provide food, clothing, and other basic household items. Later this week I want to share one of the specific stories that has affected me deeply. Please pray for the people that have been displaced during this time.

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January 08, 2010

Seeing Lives Change in Turkey

David L. Meyer – CEO Hand of Hope

I am literally on the dividing line between Europe and Asia. I am in Istanbul, Turkey. For centuries battles have been fought over this land. Today it is majority Muslim. Joyce Meyer Ministries has been working in this area for years. We have translated eight books into Turkish and distributed 70,000 copies. Additionally, A few years ago we started broadcasting our Enjoying Everyday Life television program in the Turkish language.

We are seeing lives changed by the word of God. Thanks for helping us reach these precious people.

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January 06, 2010

Hope for Children in South Africa

By: Ron Martin, JMM Director - Africa

Lavender Hill, Cape Town is a township community in South Africa where children are more likely to find drugs, aimless lives of frustration, poverty and abuse, than a life of hope, fulfillment and safety. Joyce Meyer Ministries is committed to seeing the children of Lavender Hill come into a transforming relationship with God.

Joyce Meyer Ministries feeds 110 children daily in this community through the consistent giving of our partners. In this festive season, with help from our team of volunteers, we had a Christmas celebration for these children. We provided a delicious meal, sweets, a children’s book for each of them and educational games. When we gave out the books their faces lit up and they immediately began reading with intent! One of the children said, “I’d like to thank God for always giving us food… and for loving us.”

The children were so grateful for their gifts as were the many leaders! They asked me to thank all our partners who continually give to these children and for truly showing them that God has not forgotten them! Visit our website for more information about Hand of Hope.