January 16, 2009


Chad Harris

Producer/JMM Broadcast 

Today we drove the 4 hour bouncy trek from Hyderabad to Joyce Meyer Ministries’ Chandrakal Hospital and the adjacent Children’s AIDS Orphanage and Clinic. I was amazed as we came to the peak of the hill where the hospital is located. Three years ago I was here for the dedication of the hospital – now it is a thriving place of hope and refuge for an estimated 100,000 surrounding villagers. There are children in this hospital who have been orphaned or abandoned due to the devastating AIDS disease.  The hospital is bringing help to many. Lives are literally being saved and people are ministered to.

We were able to meet some of the children at the Children’s AIDS Orphanage and Clinic. Humbling. That is the word for it. These children are totally innocent, yet due to various circumstances they are left with HIV. Today, thanks to this new home, they have a better life than many children living in the region. The home is beautiful with plenty of room to run and play and just be kids. They are also treated for HIV with Antiretroviral drugs, which are proving to be very effective in dramatically improving their quality of life. These children have a hope now that they didn’t have before.

For more information, visit Hand of Hope.