January 15, 2009


John Pipes

Senior Producer JMM

Preparations are underway in Bangalore, India for the Festival of Life event this week. We are expecting hundreds of thousands of people for the four day festival, and the transformation of the Palace Grounds into an event venue is quite amazing. What looked like a large dirt field a couple of days ago is beginning to take shape with staging, large video screens, sound, and lighting equipment. Local laborers have constructed the stage by hand, building an 80’x40’ platform with hand tools. Technicians are busily loading the lights and sound gear on a giant truss system and scaffolds in order for the massive crowd to see and hear the Gospel being shared in a powerful way. Every step of the way we have been blessed with the Lord’s provision. Last week India was experiencing a trucking strike that threatened to halt the shipment of key equipment to the Palace Grounds. But by God’s grace in the midst of the strike, when no trucks should have been able to move, our equipment was delivered! Please pray for many hearts to hear the Good News and respond to the opportunity to follow Christ.

For more information, visit Hand of Hope.