January 15, 2009


Ashley Wilkins

JMM Medical Outreach Coordinator

Today was the first day of our clinic and it went extremely well. This was the first medical outreach for some of our medical professional volunteers and they are doing a great job and working very well together as a team. It is incredible.

There were a lot of Muslims around our clinic today, all who seemed very pleased with what we were doing. I spoke with one man who kept saying he could see the love of God in us and thanked us for coming to India. 

This 2 year old girl was born with a heart defect and will die if not operated on. She came to the clinic today and our doctors were able to connect her with a hospital in India where they perform free heart surgeries on children. 

We treated close to 500 patients today and saw 30 salvations! Helping these people and seeing the miracle of salvation is such a blessing!

For more information, visit Hand of Hope.