March 31, 2010

Ministry in Germany

David Wessler, Director
Joyce Meyer Ministries Germany Office

Joyce Meyer Ministries recently began supporting Stadtinsel, a ministry in the city of Hamburg, Germany that reaches out to refugees from the area and surrounding countries who have escaped wars, poverty and religious persecution.

Nine year old Fazan is a typical child that Stadtinsel helps. He left Afghanistan with a relative (pictured above). His parents also wanted to leave the country but were not able to. So Fazan is now in Germany, cannot speak the language and is missing his parents. He doesn’t know whether he will ever see them again.

“We would like to create reliable and trustworthy ‘islands’ for children and their families in Hamburg. People are offered support and practical assistance such as food and clothing and can experience what the Christian faith is all about,” says Ulf Bastian the leader of Stadtinsel. “Thanks to Joyce Meyer Ministries and their partners for helping us to help these people.”

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March 26, 2010

Special Help for a Ugandan Boy

David L. Meyer – CEO Hand of Hope

When Dave and Joyce Meyer met Jimmy Ojok, he was an 8 year old boy living with his family in an Internally Displaced People’s camp in Gulu, Uganda. Like hundreds of other families, they lost their home due to the rebel war that raged for years in that area of Uganda. Adequate health care wasn’t available to those living in the camps. Jimmy is crippled and unable to use his legs and hands. Although Jimmy is living in extreme poverty with heart breaking disabilities, he greeted Dave and Joyce with a beautiful smile when he met them. They were so touched by the joy that he displayed they were compelled to help him.

Jimmy was taken to the hospital for medical examination. The doctors recommended that he receive the following treatment: occupational physiotherapy, a wheel chair, special attention from a special education teacher, improved home environment, training in daily living activities, adaptation training, and surgery. A report was sent to Dave and Joyce and Joyce Meyer Ministries has since donated the necessary funds to build him and his family a new home, purchase a wheel chair and special fitted bike, provide the special training that he needs, and to have surgery to hopefully correct some of his issues. Jimmy may have never received these treatments because his parents could not afford even basic living expenses. Thank you partners for helping change his life.

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March 20, 2010

To the Ends of the Earth

David L. Meyer – CEO Hand of Hope

After a 3 hour plane ride on a 4 seat prop, a 2 hour drive, a 15 minute boat ride and a river crossing, we (Scott Norling-Director Joyce Meyer Ministries India office, myself, and Ron Martin-Director Joyce Meyer Ministries South Africa office - shown above) finally arrived in Chambuta, Zimbabwe. Joyce Meyer Ministries has been feeding hundreds of children here for years. The last time I was here, my own children were both small. Now they are 20 and 18.

Joyce Meyer Ministries feeds thousands of kids in over 20 schools here in Zimbabwe. Many days it is their only meal. It was a great joy to see their smiling faces. Thanks for helping the kids here.

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March 17, 2010

New Clinic in South Africa Providing Care

Dave Van Rensburg
Joyce Meyer Ministries South Africa Office

Musina is a South African town that borders Zimbabwe. The road between these two areas has become one of the busiest routes in the world due to many Zimbabweans crossing the border into Musina looking for a better life, jobs, medical care and hope.

With the help of our partners, Joyce Meyer Ministries has opened a medical clinic in Musina to help the people in the area who are not only physically hurting but are spiritually wounded as well. Just about every person that arrives in Musina has some form of medical need having endured many difficult challenges. People who come to the clinic can receive free medical attention and are also shown the love of Christ and a hope for a new life.

The local church in Musina is also still feeding up to 800 people per day, 6 days a week. These are people our medical clinic are also reaching and working with. Thank God we have the privilege of helping the many people in great need. Also, many thanks to our partners who made it possible to build this clinic.

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March 10, 2010

Thankful for the Word in Albania

Shelly Meyer

For many years Albania was under Communist rule which didn’t allow religious freedom. In fact, after World War II, religion was so suppressed in Albania it was called the world’s first atheist state. Thankfully, things have changed since then. However, while there now is freedom of religion, the majority of Albania is non-religious, mainly because of the lack of the Word.

Sabahu, a 70 year old woman, has lived through all of the suppression in Albania. She is now able to hear the gospel preached freely and is very grateful. Albania is one of the many places around the world that Joyce Meyer Ministries’ Enjoying Everyday Life radio program can now be heard. “I love the programs of Joyce Meyer,” Sabahu says. “I listen to the messages every day. These programs have helped me so much to understand things I didn’t know before. I have lived most of my life under Communism, and many things are not easy to understand. Joyce is so practical in her teaching that I can see things easier and understand more. Thank you for caring for Albania and sending us the Word. Many blessings for you in the work you are doing.”

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March 01, 2010

Continuing to Help the People of Haiti

Ginger Stache - Chief Media Officer

Last night a small aftershock woke us from our sleep. We are staying at the Love A Child facility in Haiti which is full of children who refuse to sleep inside because there have been so many aftershocks that they live in fear of the indoors. And today a 10 year old girl named Chirania came into the Jesus Healing Center clinic which is paid for by Joyce Meyer Ministry partners. A larger aftershock the day before brought her house down around her and she was in complete shock. Her mother carried her for miles to the clinic and I'm so grateful that you made it possible for Doctors to not only see her but to pray for her. We are honored that you are the kind of people who help, even when it may be inconvenient.

Joyce Meyer Ministries partners help to support Love A Child. Visit our website for more information about Hand of Hope.