January 20, 2009


Chad Harris

Producer JMM Broadcast

It has been so amazing to see another part of the world that is being ministered to through the partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries. So many amazing moments, so many glowing faces of children who are happy and healthy because of the love and care they receive at the Hand of Hope Children’s Homes. We saw hundreds of people being ministered to through the medical outreaches, and of course hundreds of thousands of people worshiping at the evening conferences. I was able to talk with many people who had comments regarding how blessed they were by the conference and the outreaches – but there was also an overwhelming appreciation for the fact that the daily TV show is translated into all of the major languages in India! One man with tears in his eyes asked me to tell all of the partners, “Thank You!” for sending Joyce to teach them about Jesus – not only for this conference but every single day on television. It is sometimes easy for us to forget that the TV program is translated into so many languages world-wide and that people every day around the world are encouraged and inspired.

For more information, visit Hand of Hope.