April 02, 2014

Prison Outreach Update: South Carolina

Roy Lormis, Prison Outreach Supervisor

We just returned from our prison outreach to South Carolina. At the first facility we visited we handed out the gifts to the offenders and then scheduled to return in the evening for a service. The service was not previously scheduled; however, meeting the warden and giving him the box of gifts for him and the box of gifts for the staff opened the door. 

At this facility a young man had given his soap to another inmate who needed some. He had told his mom about this a couple of days before our arrival. She had told him to pray. He had asked his brother if he could help him with some money to get soap from the prison store, a request his brother denied. His need was filled though when we showed up and gave everyone soap, shampoo and Joyce Meyer books. He was blown away that God would answer his prayer in a way he never even thought possible! 

We continued to see God work and move in men’s hearts. In a maximum security unit, where we had to put protective gear on just to hand out the gifts, we saw a lot of men in total disbelief that someone would come to where they are to give them something without expecting anything in return. 

At the Broad River Correctional Institution we were allowed to have a service with 69 men in attendance. This was a maximum security prison and they don’t let a great number of guys out at a time. The good news was that the service was piped throughout the prison and recorded so it could be replayed over and over. I know God uses the gifts as a tool to open the hearts of the men and women we visit. 

On this trip we handed out 11,370 gift bags, held five services and had 104 come to Christ. Of the 13 prisons we visited, two were on medical lock-down. They had a flu epidemic and under quarantine. Some of the offenders will get the books (“Be Healed in Jesus’ Name) we left for them when they come off of lock-down 

Roy Lormis  

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