April 28, 2010

Providing Hope in Nicaragua

Dan Salas – Director of Dan Salas Ministries

Joyce Meyer Ministries recently held a seven day medical missions outreach in Nicaragua. It was a great success. The outreach took place at feeding sites in El Timal which are sponsored by Hand of Hope. There was great excitement during the week as people came to the feeding sites for meals and medical treatment. Over 3,300 patients were seen and nearly 200 people gave their lives to the Lord. Hundreds were given meals as well.

While the community of El Timal was still reflecting on the Hand of Hope feeding clinic and the medical outreach, we at Dan Salas Ministries held an evangelistic outreach. Hundreds attended the event. The gospel was preached and the new converts received a New Testament and one of Joyce’s books.

We wanted to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to minister to the people of Nicaragua. Hand of Hope has been such a blessing to us and the people of Latin America. I pray you are blessed a hundred times over.

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April 21, 2010

Spreading the Word in China

Shelly Meyer

There are between 120-150 million Christians in China with 10-12 million new believers being added each year. There are not nearly enough Christian resources available to them. That is why we partnered with our friends in China to translate, produce and distribute a total of 50,000 of two of Joyce’s books along with a DVD for each in Chinese. These resources have been distributed in 13 provinces in China.

One pastor shared with us, “Please tell the people at Joyce Meyer Ministries that her book was an answer to prayer. When I received the book from Joyce Meyer, I was so excited. I have heard of her, but have never been able to purchase her materials. They do not sell them at our bookstores. As I handed out the books the people were overcome with joy. We got on our knees and thanked the Lord.”

We are already working on our next project to get more materials to these precious believers. Thanks to our partners for making this possible. Visit our website for more information about Hand of Hope.

April 14, 2010

Medical Outreach: Managua Nicaragua

Ashley Wilkins, R.N., Medical Outreach Coordinator - Hand of Hope

Our medical/dental team has just returned from a one week medical outreach to Managua Nicaragua. The medical/dental clinics were held in three different villages throughout the week. Each morning when we arrived at our clinic site, there was a long line of patients waiting to be treated, most of whom have little to no access to medical care. Our team treated ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, severely infected wounds, malnutrition, fever, upper respiratory infections, parasites, and dental needs. Each patient who came through our clinic had the opportunity to be personally prayed for to receive Christ.

As our team cared for the patients who came to our clinic, we were able to place value, love and honor on each and every one of them. As they left the clinic, it was apparent they knew they had been cared for and the pure simple pleasure on their faces was priceless. What a blessing to be in Managua to give these beautiful, warm hearted people free medication, vitamins and most importantly, the gospel. We were able to treat a total of 3,377 people, 177 of which gave their lives to the Lord. Many thanks to Joyce Meyer Ministries partners for helping the people of Nicaragua.

Visit our website for more information about Hand of Hope.

April 05, 2010

Update: Earthquake in Chile

Shelly Meyer

The earthquake that occurred on February 27, 2010 in Chile damaged over a half million homes and took hundreds of lives. Joyce Meyer Ministries sent funds immediately after the earthquake to Convoy of Hope to provide relief to the people in the area and also to La Casa del Senor to help with the restoration process.

La Casa del Senor is a church in Chile, Mauricio Berguno is the pastor. Members of the church got right in the middle of the devastation and helped in many ways. They took food, water, tents and supplies to people in need. The church’s retreat center was damaged during the quake, but soon after it was repaired it was used as a distribution center to provide the much needed aid. The church has been holding services daily since the earthquake because the people have been so open to hear the Gospel message.

Please continue to pray for the people of Chile as they rebuild their lives and that God will use this tragedy to bring many into the Kingdom. Visit our website for more information about Hand of Hope.