November 24, 2009

I was in prison and you visited Me - Matt. 25:36

By Hans Roos - Prison Outreach Coordinator

Over the past 2 weeks our prison outreaches covered the nation of Malawi from top to bottom (which is a long way) and left to right. We used 3 separate prison teams and are thankful for the support provided to us by our partners from Nairobi Lighthouse Church of Kenya and Cornerstone AOG in Nashville. When all was said and done we reached every prisoner in Malawi and showed them the tangible love of Christ. Each prisoner received a great hygiene bag, along with a message of hope and the opportunity for a new life in Christ.

During this trip 13,750 bags were distributed and there were 6,800 decisions for Christ. Praise the Lord for being faithful to His Word and thank you partners for helping us make these prison visits possible.

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November 23, 2009

Preaching up a Storm

By David L. Meyer

Day two of our three day Festival of Life in Malawi brought us a twist we had never experienced. RAIN!

Worship with Israel Houghton was awesome, and then Joyce took the stage. Just as she began to deal with the subject of the oppression of women, the clouds opened up and it poured. The rains stopped just after she finished preaching. The incredible thing was that the majority of the people stayed as she continued to bring a highly anointed word of God. Joyce’s perseverance, as well as that of the people of Malawi, was an inspiration to us all.

God has done some amazing things this week here in Malawi through the prisons and medical outreaches and through ministry of the word and worship! We are eager to see what the final day has in store.

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November 20, 2009

Lives Forever Changed

David Meyer

The percentage of children born with club foot in Malawi is excessively high. Children born with this abnormality are usually treated as outcasts by family and society in general. Their odds of getting an education, getting married and having any type of normal life are very small. When I was introduced to CURE hospital in Blantyre, not only was I shocked by this problem but very impressed by the many, many lives they were changing through a variety of corrective measures from special shoes to complex surgeries. So we immediately began partnering with them to help more children.

Today I had the pleasure of taking my parents to see this incredible place of transformed lives. They were equally moved! We could not be helping these precious young ones if you were not helping us. As I often say, “Together we are better”.

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November 19, 2009

Something Amazing

Ginger Stache

Chief Media Officer - Joyce Meyer Ministries

We saw something amazing today. We were in Ngodzi, Malawi at a maternity ward that Joyce Meyer Ministries funds in partnership with an agency called Lifeline Malawi. Suddenly a woman came walking in who didn’t look pregnant but was in obvious pain. We learned that her name is Fanny and she just delivered a set of twins on the road on the way to the clinic. That happens quite often in Malawi because many women still deliver their babies at home. By the time Fanny decided she needed help and began her long walk to the maternity clinic it was too late. Thankfully her twin girls were born healthy and she had a place for her and her babies to receive immediate care.

That’s an image you don’t soon forget; two tiny babies, still messy from a delivery on a dirt road. Fewer women and babies in this region of Malawi are dying in childbirth thanks to the help of JMM partners who make it possible. Truly amazing!

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November 17, 2009

Feeding Children in South Africa

Dan Meyer - CEO Joyce Meyer Ministries

Yesterday we visited a trash dump, in a part of South Africa called East London. Here the partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries fully fund a feeding program for the kids that live in slums which are literally built all around the edges of this dump. It was heartbreaking to see people living this way, but it was great to see a lot of little children being fed instead of starving to death.

Next we are heading to Malawi, Africa for a big festival and also to visit more of the outreaches that JMM partners are funding as well.

Thank you for your prayers and gifts which God uses to make all these outreaches and many more around the world possible. We love you.

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Hand of Hope.

November 14, 2009

God's Favor in Switzerland

Joyce Meyer

What an incredible time we just had in Basel, Switzerland. In all three meetings we had overflow crowds. We teamed up with our good friends from Hillsong London and God's presence was so strong.

Thanks so much to everyone who prayed, volunteered, and supported these meetings. I leave Europe very satisfied and content that we were where God wanted us to be.

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November 12, 2009

Meeting with Pastors in Eastern Europe

David L. Meyer - follow me on Twitter

Today we were honored to be able to minister and bless a group of pastors from several countries in Eastern Europe. Our good friends Jim and Brenda Puhr, who live in Hungary, helped gather pastors from Serbia, Poland, Macedonia, Hungry and Albania. We all attended a banquet with Dave and Joyce, Nick and Chris Caine, and Gary and Christine Preston.

Eastern Europe is one of the most difficult regions in which to minister. Therefore those called by God to do such work face incredible challenges. So we were so happy to be able to lift up their arms. They will also be able to attend the Basel, Switzerland conference with Joyce.

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November 11, 2009

Operation Home Front

Shelly Meyer

The St. Louis Dream Center (SLDC), an outreach of Joyce Meyer Ministries, recently had the opportunity to minister to some of our courageous US military personnel. Through Operation Home Front, an organization dedicated to supporting the troops and the families they leave behind, the SLDC was able to connect with the 354th Army Military Police Company.

On October 10th the SLDC barbeque grill team and other volunteers threw a going away party for the 120 members of the company and their families. They were able to share encouragement as well as dinner with these men and women on their last day with their families before they left Missouri for their deployment to Iraq. What a blessing to be able to reach out and show our troops that we love and support them and their families. We anticipate this being the first of many more opportunities to serve those who put their lives at risk to protect us every day.

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November 04, 2009

House of Mercy

Rick Renner
JMM Eurasia Director

Joyce Meyer Ministries partners with House of Mercy, a ministry in Russia that reaches out to the homeless with food and the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are feeding 180 homeless people each week in and around Moscow, and also visit an orphanage once a week. House of Mercy regularly ministers to 60 abandoned children and conducts a church service every week for the homeless. Thank you for your support of this terrific work.

We wish to start a significant outreach in partnership with House of Mercy to provide even more food for the hungry on the streets of Moscow. Please keep this entire project in prayer as we strive to show God’s love to the needy in Russia.

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