December 31, 2008


JMM Middle East Coordinator

I was in Syria recently to check on a shipment of JMM books that were being sent from Cairo to Damascus. Damascus is considered to be the oldest continually inhabited city in the world. This picture was taken in the village of Maaloula about forty minutes from Damascus where they still speak Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke. It was a blessing to see our second shipment of JMM books arrive safely and legally into this country. This is no small feat as there is no Pentecostal Church registered in Syria. They are viewed as a cult and have no legal rights to assemble together. The Director of the Bible Society, who is a member of the Syrian Orthodox Church and a faithful believer, has been helping us distribute the books throughout the country to members of the Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican and Baptist Churches. His wife loves Joyce Meyer and is a faithful daily viewer of Enjoying Everyday Life and there are many others being blessed by both her books and the EEL program. In the past three years we have shipped about 400,000 JMM booklets to Syria.

For more information visit Hand of Hope.