March 01, 2010

Continuing to Help the People of Haiti

Ginger Stache - Chief Media Officer

Last night a small aftershock woke us from our sleep. We are staying at the Love A Child facility in Haiti which is full of children who refuse to sleep inside because there have been so many aftershocks that they live in fear of the indoors. And today a 10 year old girl named Chirania came into the Jesus Healing Center clinic which is paid for by Joyce Meyer Ministry partners. A larger aftershock the day before brought her house down around her and she was in complete shock. Her mother carried her for miles to the clinic and I'm so grateful that you made it possible for Doctors to not only see her but to pray for her. We are honored that you are the kind of people who help, even when it may be inconvenient.

Joyce Meyer Ministries partners help to support Love A Child. Visit our website for more information about Hand of Hope.