February 24, 2010

CURE International: The Story of Faith

David L. Meyer – CEO Hand of Hope

Janet and Symon had been blessed with a baby girl. After their girl had been born they were told she had severe clubfoot. “God, what is this now?” Janet wondered and Symon was equally shocked by the news. However, they both encouraged each other and believed God was going to do something. So they gave their child the name ‘Faith’.

Faith was admitted to a local hospital and without wasting time, doctors referred her to CURE International Hospital that runs a successful national clubfoot program. Joyce Meyer Ministries partners with CURE each month to fund five clubfoot surgeries.

In Malawi, if a child is born with clubfoot, they are considered cursed and the family has to deal with the social issues that go with that. One of the great aspects about CURE is that they counsel the families and address psychological and spiritual issues. When Janet arrived at CURE Hospital, she was first welcomed by the spiritual counseling team who made her feel loved and not rejected and was told that bearing a child with severe clubfoot was not a curse or punishment from God. After undergoing the procedure, Faith is expected to walk properly like any other normal child. Janet meets with the clubfoot counselor every time she visits the clubfoot clinic. Spiritually, she is growing in the Lord. She is very thankful to the partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries for their generosity and to the Lord for leading her to CURE.

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