March 17, 2010

New Clinic in South Africa Providing Care

Dave Van Rensburg
Joyce Meyer Ministries South Africa Office

Musina is a South African town that borders Zimbabwe. The road between these two areas has become one of the busiest routes in the world due to many Zimbabweans crossing the border into Musina looking for a better life, jobs, medical care and hope.

With the help of our partners, Joyce Meyer Ministries has opened a medical clinic in Musina to help the people in the area who are not only physically hurting but are spiritually wounded as well. Just about every person that arrives in Musina has some form of medical need having endured many difficult challenges. People who come to the clinic can receive free medical attention and are also shown the love of Christ and a hope for a new life.

The local church in Musina is also still feeding up to 800 people per day, 6 days a week. These are people our medical clinic are also reaching and working with. Thank God we have the privilege of helping the many people in great need. Also, many thanks to our partners who made it possible to build this clinic.

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