March 26, 2010

Special Help for a Ugandan Boy

David L. Meyer – CEO Hand of Hope

When Dave and Joyce Meyer met Jimmy Ojok, he was an 8 year old boy living with his family in an Internally Displaced People’s camp in Gulu, Uganda. Like hundreds of other families, they lost their home due to the rebel war that raged for years in that area of Uganda. Adequate health care wasn’t available to those living in the camps. Jimmy is crippled and unable to use his legs and hands. Although Jimmy is living in extreme poverty with heart breaking disabilities, he greeted Dave and Joyce with a beautiful smile when he met them. They were so touched by the joy that he displayed they were compelled to help him.

Jimmy was taken to the hospital for medical examination. The doctors recommended that he receive the following treatment: occupational physiotherapy, a wheel chair, special attention from a special education teacher, improved home environment, training in daily living activities, adaptation training, and surgery. A report was sent to Dave and Joyce and Joyce Meyer Ministries has since donated the necessary funds to build him and his family a new home, purchase a wheel chair and special fitted bike, provide the special training that he needs, and to have surgery to hopefully correct some of his issues. Jimmy may have never received these treatments because his parents could not afford even basic living expenses. Thank you partners for helping change his life.

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