March 10, 2010

Thankful for the Word in Albania

Shelly Meyer

For many years Albania was under Communist rule which didn’t allow religious freedom. In fact, after World War II, religion was so suppressed in Albania it was called the world’s first atheist state. Thankfully, things have changed since then. However, while there now is freedom of religion, the majority of Albania is non-religious, mainly because of the lack of the Word.

Sabahu, a 70 year old woman, has lived through all of the suppression in Albania. She is now able to hear the gospel preached freely and is very grateful. Albania is one of the many places around the world that Joyce Meyer Ministries’ Enjoying Everyday Life radio program can now be heard. “I love the programs of Joyce Meyer,” Sabahu says. “I listen to the messages every day. These programs have helped me so much to understand things I didn’t know before. I have lived most of my life under Communism, and many things are not easy to understand. Joyce is so practical in her teaching that I can see things easier and understand more. Thank you for caring for Albania and sending us the Word. Many blessings for you in the work you are doing.”

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