March 25, 2009


Debbie Rodriguez

JMM Broadcast

Today we dedicated a beautiful new medical clinic at Love a Child Ministry in Fond Parisien, Haiti. This clinic’s monthly budget will be fully funded by Joyce Meyer Ministries partners. On our second day of the clinic the Hand of Hope team of 25 doctors and nurses saw more than 500 patients. One of the most heartbreaking stories was this twelve year old boy, Silien, who walked all the way to our clinic after hearing it advertised on the radio. Last week, he fell and broke his arm and his parents were unable to get him medical care. Someone in his village wrapped his arm in tree bark as a makeshift splint. We were able to take him to the hospital where he will receive the proper medical care so that he will have the use of his arm. The doctor says the break is very serious and that if he had waited much longer he may have been crippled for life. It has been one week since he broke it. Thanks to Joyce Meyer Ministries partners this brave little boy will be able to regain the use of his arm and will not suffer in pain. Thank you partners! 

For more information visit Hand of Hope.