March 18, 2009


Testimony from Uganda Prison


I am a prisoner. Jesus met me from prison and I accepted him on 15th July 2003. Since then I have been to the High Court for the hearing of my case and have always been asking myself “Why God Why?” The letter that you sent to us entitled “You are not alone” encourages me a lot. Above all, I was transformed, sanctified and convicted so much by your book entitled “Why God Why?” I found all the answers I needed in it. From the time I read through that book I am not worried about anything anymore because my burden bearer Jesus does not need me to ask Him why! Now I can help counsel my fellow inmates to remain patient for all things work for the good of those that love the Lord.


You are fulfilling the scripture that says “remember they that are in prison”. Spiritually, you contributed a lot through your book to the deliverance of inmates. More than six people that I know were saved. The distribution of toothpaste, bathing soap and other things to the inmates has shown that your heart is with us in our suffering.

For more information visit Hand of Hope.