March 27, 2009


Ashley Wilkins

JMM Medical Outreach Coordinator

The woman in this picture is pregnant with twins. She had an ultrasound by our OB/GYN today and we discovered one baby is breach, so she will need a c-section. She had never had an ultrasound and would not have known the baby was breach without it. We are taking her to the hospital to have the baby. Without the ultrasound and subsequent c-section, there is a good possibility that she and the babies would not have survived.

We had several emergencies today and had to rush two patients to the hospital. One woman was in heart and kidney failure and could hardly breathe. One of our dental patients had a horribly rotten tooth and as our dentist began to pull it out the infection went into his system and he began to go into shock. We stabilized him and took him to the Emergency Room. He should fully recover. A severely malnourished baby was brought in to the clinic. The baby was then taken to an infant hospital in Port Au Prince that mainly deals with malnutrition.

Update on Silien, the boy with the broken arm: He had an x-ray today and the fracture is through both bones in his arm and right near the elbow. The blood flow is very poor in that arm due to the break. Had he not been taken to the hospital, they would have had to amputate his arm. The boy's father was so thankful that he broke down crying. We were told that Haitian men rarely cry so that was a big deal.

We saw 621 patients today and had 7 people give their lives to the Lord!

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