March 03, 2009


David L. Meyer

Yesterday was a very gratifying day. If you recall, in the summer of 2007 our team conducted a large countrywide outreach to Cambodia. During that time we visited a garbage dump where it was heartbreaking to see all the children living there. We left with resolve to help these kids. It took quite a while to develop a plan that would be effective due to the uniqueness of their lives in the dump. Several months ago we felt like we found it when we introduced the feeding buses. Every day two buses roll up into the dump to feed approximately 250 kids per day. In addition, we educate them, teach them about Jesus, provide new clothing when there is a need and have the means available for them to shower. So yesterday for the first time I had the privilege to see this outreach first hand and just let me say, “It is a job well done!" Congratulations to the Southeast Asia team who is making this happen. Also, thank you to everyone who supports Hand of Hope. You are making a difference in Cambodia!

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