June 15, 2008


June 12, 2008
Missionaries: Bobby and Sherry Burnette
Directors, Love A Child, Inc.

We want to thank Joyce Meyer Ministries and all your loving partners for the wonderful blessing of the container of food you just sponsored for Haiti. We have already gotten it out of Customs and have been distributing the food to the people.

We share food with other orphanages and missionary organizations, as well as feed our 4,000 school children each day. Due to the famine in Haiti, these people are so very thankful for anything. The people stood in line in the heat of the sun for several hours to receive this sack of food. When they heard our food trucks coming, they put water on to boil over their charcoal fires for the food they would receive.

This is only one of the many villages we feed in Haiti. We cannot possibly thank you enough. Famine is very real here in Haiti...the people call hunger "Clorox," because they would rather die of drinking Clorox than die of hunger...

God bless you and thank you, on behalf of the poor in Haiti.