June 09, 2008


Photo: Adam Middleton, shown first row center.

Adam Middleton

St. Louis Dream Center

Genesis Program

Hi, my name is Adam Middleton and I am going to tell you what God brought me out of.  I took my first drink at the age of sixteen. I would drink in the house with my step-father for a couple of years. When I turned twenty-one, I would go out and buy my own drinks. I started to overdo it by going back in forth to the liquor store on a day to day basis. My drinking got to the point where I became very abusive verbally, physically, and mentally. The clouds started to darken in my life. I became disrespectful to my mom and dad and I was having sex with different young ladies at a very young age. I was out in the streets doing drugs, smoking weed, crack, cocaine, and drinking like a mad man. Neglecting my responsibilities, I started off drinking because I liked the way it made me feel; but, I finally realized I did it because the alcohol and drugs covered up the pain and made me feel like a totally different person. Therefore, I didn’t accept me for who I was. When I came to the St. Louis Dream Center, I came back to Jesus. I’ve been transformed every day since the first day I walked into the Genesis program. By the grace of God, I’m getting better and not bitter.

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