June 25, 2008


House Church Pastor
June 24, 2008

The recent earthquake in China was massive and its effects were overwhelming. In partnership with Joyce Meyer Ministries, we were able to go directly to the disaster zones to deliver food, tents and other vital necessities.

More than 100 water purification devices have been distributed by the teams to villages in the past two weeks. Each device can purify about 3,000 gallons of water per day. A missionary friend of ours has trained about 50 of our house church workers regarding the installation and use of these systems, and then has provided them to us free of charge. Thank God for the Body of Christ!

In addition, teams have been coming back with testimonies of salvations. And not just a few either. More than 300 people have been saved and added to ten churches which have been started among the victims of the earthquake. God is redeeming multitudes of lives that were completely devastated by the earthquake. Thank you for believing with us, that in the midst of such cataclysmic pain and destruction, God is at work, and He has a plan. He has determined it; He will be glorified.

We are so very thankful for you and your partnership! Please thank your partners as well.
For more information visit Hand of Hope.