June 04, 2008


June 4, 2008
Story from Iran
Middle East Coordinator

While in Turkey this past month, we at Joyce Meyer Ministries met with an Iranian woman from Tehran, Iran. She and her family watch Joyce faithfully by satellite on the Farsi channel. They started to notice that their Muslim maid, who cannot read or write, started moving closer to the living room to dust whenever Joyce was on. She would keep moving closer and closer to the television until she was just a few feet from the screen. She would then disappear when the show ended. The family became nervous because of the increased persecution of Christians in Iran and decided to stop watching Joyce until after the maid was gone, just in case she decided to report them. The next day the maid came at the regular time but the TV was off. She asked, “Why are you not watching the woman?” They gave her some excuse and then started to pay her for cleaning. The maid said, “Keep the money that you pay me until it’s enough so that you can help me to watch the woman in my own house.”

We have heard many stories about the impact “The Woman” is having in the lives of many in Iran. Thank God for Joyce Meyer. Please pray that she will be heard sharing the transforming power of Jesus in every home in Iran.

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