December 02, 2009

Over 500 Graduate Leadership Training

Michael Shepard - Leadership Training Coordinator

We have just completed the Million Leader Mandate leadership training in partnership with Equip and Dr. John Maxwell. We had the privilege to walk out this 3 year journey with leaders from Rwanda, India, and Cambodia. Over 500 leaders graduated through this process of training with a commitment to reproduce these principles into leaders in their world of influence. Apostle Yoshua Musasu and his wife Lydia are passing on this leadership training to their pastors throughout Rwanda, Burundi, and the DRC--Democratic Republic of Congo. Those pastors lead more than 90 churches! Pastor Jesse McCaul and his team are training the leaders of their 90 small groups and 60 provincial pastors in Cambodia.

The key leaders from India are multiplying this training through several generations of leadership transfer to ultimately affect 53,070 leaders in both the church and business sector. “Everything rises and falls on leadership,” as Dr. John Maxwell has so aptly said!

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