December 07, 2009

A Life Saved!

Ashley Wilkins

During our recent trip to Malawi, Africa, we were at a medical clinic in the remote village of Kasese treating patients. A pregnant woman came into the maternity ward to have her baby. It was her first baby and she had a very challenging labor and a difficult delivery. The baby was in distress and was born blue and not breathing.

Susan Phillips, who is our labor and delivery nurse practitioner, and a partner with Joyce Meyer Ministries, immediately knew what to do. She began CPR on the baby. After working hard to save her life, the baby took her first breath and the sound of her first cry filled the room. There was not a dry eye in the place! Susan was divinely placed there by God at that moment in time to resuscitate the baby when she was born. God is amazing and truly hand picks our team members for the needs we are supposed to serve when we do medical missions. We are praising God for this life spared and we give Him all the glory!

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