November 24, 2009

I was in prison and you visited Me - Matt. 25:36

By Hans Roos - Prison Outreach Coordinator

Over the past 2 weeks our prison outreaches covered the nation of Malawi from top to bottom (which is a long way) and left to right. We used 3 separate prison teams and are thankful for the support provided to us by our partners from Nairobi Lighthouse Church of Kenya and Cornerstone AOG in Nashville. When all was said and done we reached every prisoner in Malawi and showed them the tangible love of Christ. Each prisoner received a great hygiene bag, along with a message of hope and the opportunity for a new life in Christ.

During this trip 13,750 bags were distributed and there were 6,800 decisions for Christ. Praise the Lord for being faithful to His Word and thank you partners for helping us make these prison visits possible.

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