November 19, 2009

Something Amazing

Ginger Stache

Chief Media Officer - Joyce Meyer Ministries

We saw something amazing today. We were in Ngodzi, Malawi at a maternity ward that Joyce Meyer Ministries funds in partnership with an agency called Lifeline Malawi. Suddenly a woman came walking in who didn’t look pregnant but was in obvious pain. We learned that her name is Fanny and she just delivered a set of twins on the road on the way to the clinic. That happens quite often in Malawi because many women still deliver their babies at home. By the time Fanny decided she needed help and began her long walk to the maternity clinic it was too late. Thankfully her twin girls were born healthy and she had a place for her and her babies to receive immediate care.

That’s an image you don’t soon forget; two tiny babies, still messy from a delivery on a dirt road. Fewer women and babies in this region of Malawi are dying in childbirth thanks to the help of JMM partners who make it possible. Truly amazing!

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