December 17, 2008


Bledar assisting the dentist in the new dental clinic.

A young man named Bledar was a victim of the war in 1999. He, his mother, sister and brother watched as the Serbian soldiers came to their home and burned everything they owned. When his father and grandfather were being taken away, Bledar’s five year old brother broke free from his mother to try to hold onto his father. One of the soldiers grabbed the boy and slit his throat. He then shot the father and grandfather…killing them on the spot. They then threw the grandfather’s body into the well to try to poison the water.

Service International (SI) has reached out to help the family over the last nine years. They have built them a permanent home. Bledar liked to work alongside the SI volunteers during the time of construction in an attempt to heal his brokenness and hurt.

In 2001, SI established the first dental clinic in the village of Hereq. Bledar lived in that same village and asked if he could watch the dentist as he worked. Dr. Ortinau took Bledar under his wing.

Bledar was inspired at seeing how people were helped with dental care. He went to school to become a dental assistant. When he graduated, it just so happened that SI was looking for a dental assistant for the newly established full time dental clinic of Gjakova fully funded by Hand of Hope! Bledar is now one of SI’s faithful staff members! Now Bledar can help stabilize his family’s condition while doing something he loves.

Bledar’s story is a stunning reminder that God’s goodness is not thwarted by the evil deeds of the enemy. He restores hope and breathes life into any situation. Bledar is a living testimony of God’s love!

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