May 12, 2010

Sharing the Gospel Message in Iran

Shelly Meyer

A former Muslim woman living in Iran called in to the call center to say she had been watching the Enjoying Everyday Life program in Farsi on TV and that Joyce’s messages had totally changed her life. It was suggested to her that she should witness to her friends and tell them how her life had changed. She said, “No, I don’t need to because my husband, who is still a Muslim, does that. He is not a believer but he tells our Muslim family and friends all the time how amazed he is at how much I’ve changed since I’ve started watching these programs. He is even telling others to watch the program. He says I’m the best wife and that I respect him, take care of our children and home and that I’ve changed into a new woman.”

Others in Iran have shared with us how much Joyce’s messages have helped them. One person wrote to us, “We always pray for Joyce and for the great work that has been done by her in the Iranian people’s lives. I don’t feel that Joyce is in another country; rather she is near us in Iran. Iranian people, especially the women, love Joyce and pray sincerely for her.”

The Enjoying Everyday Life program is currently broadcast on nearly 500 TV stations in 36 languages worldwide. People all over the world are being changed every day because of these programs. Visit our website for more information about Hand of Hope.