May 19, 2010

Helping in Cambodia

Shelly Meyer

Kuy Pich is sixty two years old, his wife Pich Soeurn is fifty six. They live in Kampong Cham. Through a horrible family disagreement, Kuy Pich was severely injured when he had acid poured on his face. As a result, he was blinded, his ear canals closed and his face was disfigured. His relatives told him about the Hand of Hope Health Clinic in Pursat. The trip from his village to the health center was difficult, but well worth it. He is now receiving much needed free medical treatment for his wounds.

While he is still blind, treatment for his face and ears is ongoing. “My wife and I are very thankful for the care I am getting,” Kuy Pich says. “We could not afford to pay for any of this treatment. Thank you to the kind physicians who work here and many thanks to all of the supporters of this center.”

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