January 22, 2010

Haiti Update: Upon Their Arrival

Ashley Wilkins, R.N.
Medical Outreach Coordinator - Hand of Hope

Our team of doctors immediately started treating patients as soon as they arrived to their destinations. Three orthopedic surgeons stayed in the Dominican Republic to perform much needed orthopedic procedures on injured earthquake victims transported from Haiti. The emergency room physician left the Dominican Republic and went to the Love A Child facilities in Haiti, bringing along medical supplies and the desperately needed portable x-ray machine.

Upon his arrival at Love A Child, he immediatley started to attend to the needs of the wounded. Helping everyone that was in need and assessing those who would need specialized orthopedic procedures. Those he prepared for transportation and placed in a truck to drive them to the Dominican Republic for the 3 ortohopedic surgeons we had staffed there to treat them. Pick-up trucks were prepared as best they could with blankets for cushions and tarps to protect the injured from the bright sun during the trip. It's not the most conventional way to transport injured victims, but in these conditions it certainly is effective. God keeps providing miracles and creative ways to take care of His people. Keep praying for Haiti.

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