January 06, 2010

Hope for Children in South Africa

By: Ron Martin, JMM Director - Africa

Lavender Hill, Cape Town is a township community in South Africa where children are more likely to find drugs, aimless lives of frustration, poverty and abuse, than a life of hope, fulfillment and safety. Joyce Meyer Ministries is committed to seeing the children of Lavender Hill come into a transforming relationship with God.

Joyce Meyer Ministries feeds 110 children daily in this community through the consistent giving of our partners. In this festive season, with help from our team of volunteers, we had a Christmas celebration for these children. We provided a delicious meal, sweets, a children’s book for each of them and educational games. When we gave out the books their faces lit up and they immediately began reading with intent! One of the children said, “I’d like to thank God for always giving us food… and for loving us.”

The children were so grateful for their gifts as were the many leaders! They asked me to thank all our partners who continually give to these children and for truly showing them that God has not forgotten them! Visit our website for more information about Hand of Hope.