October 26, 2009

A Special Day in Shams el Deem, Egypt

Shelly Meyer

Providing the basic necessities of life can be very difficult for many families in the remote desert villages of Egypt. Joyce Meyer Ministries, in conjunction with Think and Do, held a special day for poverty-stricken and orphan children from Shams el Deem, Egypt. Almost 200 children were in attendance, along with 31 Sunday school teachers. During this day, the children received free school supplies, audio and video tapes and a lunch meal.

Aida, a 32-year-old housewife whose family participated in this special event, mentioned that she was worried about buying school supplies for her 3 children because her family didn’t have enough money. Due to her husband’s and her own health situations neither one of them were able to work to earn money for the much needed supplies for their children. But through generous donations made by the partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries, we were able to provide for her family’s needs of school supplies through the Think and Do spiritual day for children. Aida’s children received many school supplies, and other gifts too. They were very happy to have new backpacks and supplies for school, and were very thankful to God and Think and Do.

Thank you Partners for allowing us to help this family and many others around the world in similar situations. Visit our website for information about Hand of Hope.