October 12, 2009


Ashley Wilkins

JMM Medical Outreach Coordinator

I have just returned from an amazing medical outreach held in our new health center in Pursat, Cambodia. During the one week outreach, we were able to treat 4,363 patients and saw 3,667 salvations!

One of the patients who really stood out to me was a 10 year old boy named Rothtim. He caught my eye because he was crippled. As he walked across the concrete, the tops of his bare feet would scrape the ground with each stride. The tops of his feet were calloused from walking this way his entire life. I knew he needed a pair of shoes. We went to the market and for just $10 US dollars we were able to purchase clean socks and two new pairs of shoes for him. Most Cambodians live on just $1 US dollar per day, making the simple luxury of a pair of shoes not an option.

We washed his dirty feet and put the socks and shoes on him. He jumped up and started walking and the shoes actually acted as a corrective device and immediately he was almost walking normal! He was so happy and kept bowing and thanking us. The smile that stretched across his face was indescribable.

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