September 16, 2009


Shelly Meyer

There are roughly 35 "red light" areas throughout Mumbai, India. Although prostitution is illegal in India, there are an estimated 100,000 people involved in the sex trade industry in Mumbai.

Supriya was just one of the many people trapped in the sex trade industry. She wanted to get out of it but lacked any formal education or skills that would allow her to change professions. Our team met Supriya and her son and gave them a chance at a new life. They were moved to our Prem Kiran Transformation Center for women who have been rescued from the brothels in Mumbai. After a time for healing and restoration, she is now a resident mother for 30 girls at the center and her son attends an English school that is fully funded by Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Prem Kiran means "ray of love" when translated into Hindi. Thank you friends and partners for your generous support that is providing a ray of love to Supriya and others like her who are in similar situations. Transforming lives is God's handiwork. We are blessed to be a part of it.

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