September 09, 2009


John Bongiorno

President, Angel Mission

Nearly one billion people still lack clean water and safe sanitation around the world. Angel Mission, a ministry that Joyce Meyer Ministries supports, has been helping communities in Africa gain access to long-term sources of clean water. One such village is Gidamilanda, a group of Datooga people in Tanzania. The Datooga are considered primitive not only by Western standards, but also by East Africa standards. Ninety-nine percent of the people are illiterate and nearly fifty percent of children die before the age of five.

Angel Mission began drilling water wells for the Datooga in 2008. This safe water source has impacted the lives of the Datooga. Water that was polluted and dangerous has been replaced with safe, clean water.

Thank you to Angel Mission and the partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries for reaching out to people in need.

Visit our website for information about Hand of Hope or our partnership with Angel Mission.