May 20, 2009


Shelly Meyer

Reports say that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) forces have been defeated, and that founder and leader Prabhakaran was killed on May 18, 2009. Although the war is officially over, more than two decades of fighting has created a horrible humanitarian crisis.

Recently, we received an urgent request from Convoy of Hope, our long term partners in disaster relief. We work extensively with them to bring relief to many people in desperate situations. The civil war between the government and the Tamils in Sri Lanka has created a horrible humanitarian crisis, with approximately 200,000 internally displaced people in dire need. Many of them who have come out of the northern areas are not being properly cared for by the government due to prejudice and possible ties with the rebel cause. The national church is already involved in this matter.

Thanks to our friends and partners, Joyce Meyer Ministries is assisting Convoy of Hope as they work in helping these people. It is our prayer that these families will soon find permanent shelter and peace will spread throughout the country.

Visit our website for information about Hand of Hope.