May 13, 2009


Today Was Well Worth It...

Ginger Stache

Chief Media Officer

Today was a difficult day. Our Broadcast team spent it shooting in Cambodia's municipal garbage dump where thousands of children work and live. It's heart-breaking to see the conditions the kids live in and you can't help but get a little overwhelmed with it all. What makes it all worthwhile is meeting little boys like Loy. Loy is nine years old and lived here at the dump until just over a year ago. Both of his parents died of AIDS so a neighbor dropped him off here to fend for himself. Eventually a friend heard about one of our Hand of Hope Children's Homes and asked if they had a place for Loy. Thanks to Joyce Meyer Ministry partners the answer was YES!

Now Loy sleeps in a clean bed, goes to school instead of working all day, and has house parents who love him and are teaching him about Jesus. When we saw him he was playing soccer with his friends and dragging around a happy puppy. Quite a contrast to the children we see picking through the trash today. Days like today are hard but well worth it when we think of all the other children like Loy who need our help.

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