April 15, 2009


Shelly Meyer

Ms. Khem Sophoan lives in Chheu Teal village in Cambodia with her parents and has suffered with several health problems for quite awhile.  Her parents took her to see a doctor at a provincial hospital and were told she had a tumor in her nose.  Since the cost to have it removed was high and they didn’t have the money, their only option was to just take her back home.

Recently her parents heard of our Hand of Hope Health Center, which sees patients free of charge, and took her there. Khem is doing better now that she is receiving the treatment she so desperately needed and is also able to go for follow up care free of charge.

Khem Sophoan and her parents would like to say thank you to the Hand of Hope Health Center and its staff for the love and treatment she is receiving. Thanks also to all our partners at JMM for sharing the love of God to the people of Cambodia.

For more information visit Hand of Hope.