April 24, 2009



The St. Louis Dream Center is not my home church, but I do visit occasionally. This past Easter Sunday Pastor Jeff Allensworth’s sermon was “What to Do on the Worst Day of Your Life” and I wrote all the steps down. One of the steps was about forgiveness. I asked God to reveal anything that was in my heart that needed to come out and He did. He revealed to me that I had unforgiveness toward my sister. When I got home, I called her up and was able to forgive. I had no idea what my act of obedience would bring me.  

You see, every three months for the past six years, I have been going to the hospital so they can drain fluid from around a tumor in my brain. I went on the Monday after Easter and got an MRI. As the doctor was looking at the scans of my brain, she called in another doctor and another doctor until there were six doctors in the room looking at the scans. Not one of them was able to find the tumor. God has healed me!

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