February 10, 2009


I study in Hong Middle School. I belong to the Zang or Tibetan people. Two Christian brothers led me to Jesus. They were missionaries supported by Joyce Meyer Ministries. Jesus is very different from the god I used to believe. For years I believed in Buddha. I was not able to pray directly to Buddha. I had to ask the people in charge of the temple to pray for me. The brothers introduced me to Jesus and now I can talk to Him directly, and do not have to ask someone else to pray for me. They told me a lot of things about Jesus and helped me to believe in Him. This is really wonderful. As soon as I believed in the Lord, I changed my religion. My family was opposed to this, and my people abused me, but I was completely changed by this God. I now know that Jesus is the one and only true God. Please continue to pray for me, so that I can have the strength to talk to them about Jesus, so my family and my people will change. I do not want them to go to hell.

Thank you! 

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