February 12, 2009


In response to the wildfires in Australia, Joyce Meyer Ministries gave immediate financial support to Whittlesea Assembly of God to assist in their efforts to aid the families displaced by this tragedy. Over 180 lives have been lost, millions of animals killed and many homes have been destroyed thus far. Whittlesea AOG has been on the front lines during this catastrophe and has reached out to help the many families whose lives have been shaken. 


“You cannot know how much of a blessing this is to us. It allows us to buy items like generators, new water pumps, as well as vouchers, etc. Thank you Joyce Meyer Ministries for your wonderful support,” says Pastor Shane Lepp of Whittlesea AOG. 


And thank you, partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Because of your faithful support, JMM is able to quickly respond to these needs and help as many hurting people as we possibly can. Please continue to pray for the families that were affected by this disaster.

For more information visit Hand of Hope.