May 09, 2008


Terri Martin
JMM South Africa Office

Lesotho is a country completely surrounded by South Africa. Although a small nation, 23% of the population has AIDS. With so much need in this country, we held an outreach in a small village called Thinyaku.  

We distributed blankets, boots and beanies to each child in the village, all purchased by Joyce Meyer Ministries South Africa. The region we went into gets very cold and it even snows there. Our team of volunteers came from a church in Durban called Harvest Ministries. Dave van Rensburg (our outreach coordinator) and his wife, Sharon were with us as well.

These children had absolutely nothing and it was such a privilege to give them something new.  We also gave the adults a new blanket and a New Testament translated into their language of Sesotho. A short message was preached and more than half of the adults raised their hands to accept Jesus into their hearts. It was truly an amazing sight.  

These people were so appreciate of the gifts that Joyce Meyer Ministries was able to provide them. The smiles on their faces told it all! Thank God for giving us the opportunity to literally touch entire villages with His love.