April 18, 2012

An Unthinkable Decision in Madagascar


The faces of the children in this picture have been blurred to protect their identities

Brad Senekal: Joyce Meyer Ministries South Africa Outreach Director

Making a choice between selling your children to a complete stranger or seeing them starve to death is unimaginable for most of us. Through one of our feeding programs in Madagascar, we recently became aware of a distraught family who faced just such a decision. Out of severe and complete desperation, they made the unthinkable decision to sell their children to someone who offered them a supposedly better life overseas. With tears streaming down their faces their parents explained, "we would rather have seen them somewhere, anywhere else and alive, then to be here with us starving to death. We love them… it was the hardest decision we ever had to make." 

Thank God we were able to respond quickly and work with local partners to locate, rescue and reunite these children with their family, only a couple of days before they were due to be shipped overseas for unknown purposes. The children, who were quite malnourished, have joined our feeding program where they will receive good nutritious food, care, education and lots of love. The family has been connected with ongoing local support to prevent them from ever being faced with this decision again. The horror of human trafficking may be far from over, but the success for this family and your continued prayers and support will keep us going to help as many as we can.

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