February 29, 2012

Building Homes in Joplin, Missouri

David L. Meyer – CEO Hand of Hope

Monday, February 27 marked a new beginning for six families in Joplin, Missouri. After a tornado completely destroyed their homes and a large portion of their community nine months ago, these families have been staying with relatives, just waiting for the day they could once again have their own place to call home.

The beginning of that dream happened on Monday with the groundbreaking of six brand-new homes. Convoy of Hope, an organization out of Springfield, Missouri, who we’ve partnered with in Joplin since the May 22 tornado, hopes to complete these homes by the one-year anniversary of the disaster.

We’re honored to come alongside them to fully fund the building of two of those homes. Helen Owen and Lee Lansaw are the recipients of the two homes the friends and partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries are helping to build. The homes will be built using a new type of forming system, which can withstand 200 mph winds, and will make the homes extremely energy efficient.

Helen lived in her home since 1957 and says her only desire is to finally be able to go home. In the plans for her home, she requested they leave the slab where her two-car garage once sat. “I plan to make that into a patio for the kids. All of the holidays are a big deal at my house. They all come and Grandma cooks. Thanksgiving is always the biggest around here.” Thanks to your support, she’ll be hosting family dinners very soon.

Lee lost his wife shortly before the tornado. While searching through the debris, Lee was able to find one of his wife’s purses. He now carries all of his important documents in that remaining treasure. Retired and living on a fixed income, there was no way he could have afforded to rebuild. But thanks to your support he’ll be living a safe, brand-new home.

Thank you so much for coming alongside us to help reach out to those in need in Joplin, Missouri.

Hand of Hope is the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Our goal is simply to help as many hurting people as we possibly can, to alleviate human suffering and to help Christians grow in their faith.