June 02, 2010

Zimbabwe: Medical Missions Update

Ashley Wilkins, R.N., Medical Outreach Coordinator - Hand of Hope

Hundreds of people in a small village in Zimbabwe have been able to receive free medical care this week due to the hard work of our medical team. In the few days we have been here, we have already seen God working mightily through the medical outreach to bring hope and healing to these hurting people.

Today a twelve year old boy named Rain was brought to our medical clinic in the only mode of transportation his family had, a humble wooden cart pulled by four donkeys. Rain was a strong, healthy boy until he suffered severe brain damage from meningitis two months ago, leaving him bed ridden for life. In a developing nation like Zimbabwe, it is a huge challenge for a family to care for a bed ridden family member. Our team cleansed his bed sores, washed his wounds, gave him physical therapy, sent his mother home with a large supply of wound care supplies, and prayed with them. Rain and his mother left the medical clinic smiling and thanking God for the care he received today.

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