August 05, 2009


Tom McKaskill

JMM Australia/Pacific Rim Director

The prison outreach during the Festival of Life in Papua New Guinea was a tremendous success.

We had a fantastic time ministering to the men and women of Gili Gili Prison, our first prison stop, with 37 of them accepting Jesus. The responses from the prisoners in each of the prisons that followed were incredible and we had tremendous favour from each commanding officer throughout the project.

Daily reports flowed in from each of the other two teams, as they traversed the country visiting the various prisons and establishing great relationships with the inmates and authorities. It was definitely God’s timing for the prisons in PNG.

The highlight of the outreach was Bomana Prison, where Dave and Joyce were able to minister to the prisoners and hand out the hygiene packs to the individual inmates. Dave, Joyce, Stephanie Meyer, the broadcast team and Darlene Zschech and the Hillsong Band all handed out the gift bags, giving life and hope to the male and female inmates. The prisoners had made an extra special effort in decorating the oval to a newly constructed stage, and there was also some talk about naming the oval, “The Joyce Meyer Oval,” in honour of her visit.

In all, we visited a total of fifteen prisons, handed out 6,136 prison hygiene packs and books, and saw a total of 971 inmates, as well as two guards, give their lives to the Lord for the first time. Now that is revival!

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